Tom Gibson up a hill

I’ve been working for the best part of a decade in communications and marketing. I really like digital, which is good because so do your people.

I’m here to connect, to get people excited about the work you’re doing, whether it’s saving bus services for rural communities or dazzling audiences with new orchestral projects.

I’m a big-picture person who loves the small details. If you need help creating your organisation’s communications strategy, I’ll do that. If you need a bunch of emails writing, webpages updating and memes being sent out on Facebook, I’ll do that too.

I’m an all-rounder but not a Jack-of-all-trades – I know my limits (selfies aren’t a strong point). I work with some pretty awesome people, so if you need a hand with things like design, illustration, display work, videography, web development… I can probably put you on to the right people.

How can I help?