How to sync Ulysses III between Yosemite and non-Yosemite Macs

Ulysses is the plain-text writing software on OS X. Its system allows for whatever workflow suits you best, and it’s just a pleasure to use. Problem is, when it comes to syncing, it’s kinda limited. If you want to take full advantage of the freeform, taggable, attachment-friendly, file-management-free… »

We are all marketers now

John O'Nolan makes a point on his blog that we often suffer from the social forces that make us change our voice. Obviously, this is a process that happens whether or not we're in the public eye - I say very different things around my Grandma than I do around… »

Design when designing, art when arting

Let us suppose just for now that art is the creative without purpose - the free expression of creativity, in and of its own accord. This allows us a definition of design, which is that creative capacity brought to bear on a problem or with a goal - art with… »

The OXO Strategy - Focus on the Outliers

There's a lovely moment in the documentary film Objectified where one of the team at OXO discuss their design philosophy, using the example of their now-ubiquitous peelers. While rethinking the design of the peeler, they came to realise that the usage-cases that mattered were the outliers - what mattered wasn't… »

Don't plan (but do prepare) customer interactions

I love work that can't be planned, systemized or chopped up. Or; I love to come fresh-faced to work that can be treated that way (but probably shouldn't). I've often found myself at odds with some people for my lack of prior planning. It was a bugbear during my education,… »

On Pride

Pride is not hate. True, meaningful pride is not oppositional. Being proud of your daughter does not mean you are not proud of your son. Being proud of being gay does not mean you hate straight people. Pride has become corrupted and misused by those very people who have never… »

Please don't say it's a 'Goodwill gesture'

I recently had an interaction with a business*. I'd bought a product in their physical store. On getting home, I found that I could have bought the same product for 10% on their webstore. Figuring 'you don't ask, you don't get', I sent an email wondering if it was possible… »

You Can't Make Anyone Happy, but it's Cool.

Here's an idea I've been playing with for the past few months: Happiness isn't something we get, achieve, or earn. Rather, it's our natural state. I don't know how we could prove this hypothesis, but there's a lot of stuff that suggests to me that it might be true -… »